Wtshare Balckbook


your contacts private with BlackBook’s hidden contact list. BlackBook is so well hidden, that there is no icon to launch it. Users must type in a customized key-combination on the phones keypad in order to access their ‘BlackBook’.

Protect your contacts personal information with BlackBook. Sensitive calls and contacts stay completely hidden on your phone.


Set all Application Permissions to ALLOW for BlackBook.

Do a Battery-Pull to allow a complete restart of the device.

BlackBook does not have an icon. Instead you will use a secret key-combination to launch it.

To open BlackBook for the first time: Go to your home screen, and hit the red END CALL button 5 times.


Operating System Compatibility ( 5.0 )

Currently OS v5.x is not supported. With its release, a bug in the call logs screen occurred which causes call logs to/from BlackBook contacts to appear in the public logs. We are currently waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Incoming SMS

RIM does not allow third party developers to remove incoming SMS from the logs. Some users have submitted a work-around for this issue, which may, or may not work with certain models of phones. Please visit our webpage for further details.

Upgrading ( Operating System / BlackBook versions )

Before upgrading your operating system, or BlackBook itself you must export your contacts back to the regular address book. Failing to do so could result in loss of your BlackBook contacts.

Device Transfer Fee

As of January 1, 2010 – There will be a $1.50usd service charge to transfer our apps to a new device. This is due to large amounts of bogus requests for new keys, and problems with piracy. Apps purchased prior to this date will be grandfathered in, and be allowed one free transfer.


– Added support for multipart Text Messages up to 1400 characters

– Added Option to filter texts from non addressbook contacts when using firewall workaround

– Added Stealth Mode feature (send to voicemail)

– Added Email Forwarding Capabilities

– Added Support for sending Attachments in emails

– Added support for sending email to multiple addresses

– Added CC and BCC sections to emails

– Added support to call back number from missed call screens

– Added AutoClose feature when backlight goes out

– Added support for newline in notes

– Added Other section to view contact (notes, url, user1 – user4)

– Added Option for a 2 second vibrate alert on incoming messages

– Added support to save all phone number syntax (‘s -‘s *’s etc.

BlackBook Standard Features:

A completely hidden contact list, only accessible by typing in a custom secret key-combination.

Fully editable information fields to keep your contacts up-to-date.

User defined filtering for incoming and outgoing: Calls, SMS, PIN, and EMAIL conversations.

Customizable Fake Caller-Id names for incoming calls.

Import and Export the BlackBook contacts fast, and efficiently.

International calling support

Minimum requirements: Operating System 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen



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