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Free BBGPSGolf Updated with Ability To Tweet Marked Shots with Maps

BBGPSGolf is a free golf app that lets community members map out local golf courses with Google or Bing maps. The current database of golf courses has over 10k fully mapped courses. Recently, the app was updated with some great new features such as the ability to tweet your birdies/eagles and all marked shots with a URL to show the shot on Google maps. This feature is compatible on all browsers as it uses both static images for mobile devices and a flash version for desktop browsers.

Recently, BBGPSGolf was updated with some bug fixes as well as new features.

Items that were removed:

Search for course by country or by state (because the size of the database)

Option to store data locally (it is now the case by default)

Items that were added:

Download over a Public MDS (BIS) connection.

Edit Club Distances.

Skins side game (within the score card screen)

Record stats to scorecard csv file.

Added Tell A Friend within the Hole Screen.

Bugs fixed:

Change the connections to run on a new thread. (fixes some crashes/application hangs)

Fixed bug within edit score

Typo in Tell A Friend

Fix in an upload data bug.

When you upgrade you will loss a lot of your data. Any data you have written to the SD card will be saved, but any saved rounds or settings will be lost (except username and password).


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