WTInfo Hybrid Willyboy v2.1 for 9000


This is a hybrid for the Bold 9000 device. I recommend uninstalling any other OS’s off of your computer and running CCleaner (including registry cleaner) to ensure a clean install. Please back up all your data before proceeding.

-This is meant to install over the leaked base OS. -Run Willyboy 9000 v2.1.exe to install the hybrid over the base.
-“Exit” the installer, Shrink-A-OS will pop up. Shrink out all languages you do not need to save space. DO NOT shrink out ringtones, wallpapers, or themes. -If you choose to wipe, now would be the time to do it.
-Launch loader from SAOS. If core applications are missing from loader selection, try launching from BBSAK or BBMCP.

This is a .554 radio and .566/.571/.591 build.

-East Asian Language Support resources are included
-New leaked BBM included
-New App World included
-FAST boot times
-NO SMS/Messages error
-NO trackball issues in app switcher, etc.

Help Screen (alt+shift+h) and About both read



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