WTInfo Fixmo beta

Fixmo Beta

Copas dr email FIXMO,Berikut fsilitasnya :

☑ Undelete (untuk undelete)
The goal is to let you undelete email, pin messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos you accidentally erase. You can access to the undelete items on the message menu as undelete. For this beta, we let you undelete the last 20 items you’ve deleted. The number is just there so we can get a sense of what people are doing/using. Please play around with this letting us know what works, doesn’t etc.

☑ Flame Retardant
The name, just so you know, is a play on the old “flame wars” moniker you’d see from time to time. A flame war is code for two (or more people) going at it in email. I designed this utility basically to save you from doing bad things to your relationships or careers. When you enable Flame Retardant, we warn you if you are about to do any of the following things:

– Replying all to a message you were BCC’d on. This is really bad form and burns the person who put you on BCC in the first place.
– Replying to a system wide/mailing list message. Sometimes you hit reply all and you were meaning to just send the just the originator. I once did a reply all at Microsoft to an alias with 6,000 people on it. Dunce of the month award.
– Bad words list will trigger a warning. George Carlin would be proud of you but maybe you don’t want to do this in email.
– Repeat Punctuation can trigger a warning. A former partner of mine is a crazed exclamation point user. It’s annoying so hopefully we can prevent you from doing it. – All Caps. Pretty self-explanatory, you’re shouting maybe?
– Unintended recipients. If you turn this on, you’ll get warned each time you send an email to somebody from your domain mixed with a non-domain member. If I send something to @fixmo.com and add somebody @hotmail.com, I’ll be warned. This is to prevent you from auto-filling somebody outside your company who has a name like somebody inside the company.

☑ Phone Silencer
The goal here is to keep your phone quiet during meetings. We track your calendar appointments and intercept your calls during meetings. In addition, we have the quiet silence which you instantly can set for a block of time. Perfect for when you are walking into the movies. Set it and forget it. You can assign the quick silence to a convenience key for added functionality. In the future release, we’ll have exceptions, profile changes, and other custom things you can do with respect making sure the phone works for you and not against you.

☑ Forward/Reply with Edit
Inline Edit solves the problem of not being able to edit a message on your BlackBerry when you reply to it or attempt to forward it. Like undelete, you will find this on the message menus. Please note this does not presently work with PIN messages, email only.

☑ Battery Watch
Battery Watch’s goal is to monitor battery usage and warn you when you battery reaches low power levels. In addition, numerous statistics on battery health are available. For this release, focus on the UI and telling us what you really would like here.

☑ Memory Monitor
Memory Monitor’s goal is to monitor your memory usage, alerting you to issues, clearing cache, and providing numerous statistics. Like Battery Watch, our first beta’s goal is to get feedback on the utility and features you will find most useful.

Beberapa menu (ada 3) masih belum diexplore digunakan (mungkin masih dalam pengembangan)


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