WTI Filescout

(Copas Kombb@yahoogroups.com)

What’s new?

New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option:
Select how files will be saved. Either in ‘UNIX Format (CR)’ (default) or in’Windows Format (CRLF)’.

By default BlackBerry is storing files in the UNIX Format – which makes editing afterwards e.g. with Windows Notepad a bit difficult.001_ Initial Screen With Device RootsStorm 2 (9520/9550) will be treated as the Storm 9500/9530 devices (but still no touch screen support yet)

Added a MenuItem for the “Go to Directory” + functionVarious performance and memory issue improvements

What’s fixed?
Sometimes FileScout was instantly started again after it was closed by the user (e.g. when during the FileScout session some media files had been opened) – this issue should be solved with this build.

OS 5.x ONLY:
Endless loop for system folder fixed – Unfortunately in Beta OS 5.x (Storm Bold) it’s not possible anymore to access the system folder via the file system API – it looks like RIM have restriced the access to this folder.

With this Version FileScout will display an error message when the API does not return any content for a folder. This also means that FileScout can’t be used to delete pre-installed files located in the subfolders of ’system’ for Storm and Bold devices that have installed the OS 5.x. (Beta)Additional small tweaks for OS5.x Users

FileScout for BlackBerry v1.4.0.0 Released

**untuk aplikasi ini sebaiknya uninstal versi lamanya, pengalaman dr sebelumnya**


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