WTInfo SMS Contact by BBerryApp

Buka viigo n nemu berita ttg aplikasi (free) di bawah. Cukup handy krn bisa dipake utk ngirim contact info via sms n bisa dipilih contact info apa saja yg dikirim.

Aplikasi ini “satu keluarga” dg aplikasi forward, reply, edit.

Bisa diunduh di http://www.bberryapp. com/blackberryapplications/smscontact/

Semoga bermanfaat…


We just got word from BBerryApp that they have created an app that allows the sending of contact information through SMS text. You can also choose what information you want to include: home, work and/or mobile phone numbers, emails and PINs. Sadly, does not include a way to send addresses or any other information.

To activate the free app, all you have to do is email their link to a friend.

You can download SMS Contact here for FREE.
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