Tips & Trick Shrink A OS

OK so today I am going to give you a step by step on Shrink A OS by Lyricidial. The basics of this program are simply it lets you delete any unused applications that come pre installed on the blackberry to help free up device memory. This program can be used before installing the OS (which is what I prefer) or after the OS is already installed if you want. Remember what ever applications you delete off your blackberry with Shrink will not show up in app loader at all. So this means that if you delete BB Maps (for example) but decided you want it on your phone at a later date. You will not be able to go through app loader to re install, as it won’t even show on your list. Luckily Shrink comes with a nice feature called Put it Back image0011You can click this button to re install all the applications that your originally deleted. OK so now on to the walk through image0011

First in order for Shrink A OS to work properly you will need to do the following:

Have WinRaR installed on your PC, click Here to download (this is the zip program that Shrink comes in)
Have Net Framework 3.5 installed on your PC, click Here to download
Have Shrink A OS downloaded on your PC click Here to download

After you download Shrink A OS double click the zip folder and highlight the shrink .exe and drag to your desktop


Once you have extracted the .exe to your desktop double click to open (if you are on Vista you will need to right click on the icon and choose run as administrator before you open). Now once open click the browse button and browse to your OS folder you want to shrink. This is located for most at C>Program Files>Common Files>Research In Motion>Shared>Loader>your current OS folder. Now highlight the entire OS folder and choose OK


No choose what applications you would like to remove from the OS folder. Once you have made all your selections click the shrink my OS button. You will then get a confirmation message that your OS has been shrunk


Now click the launch loader.exe button (at this point make sure your phone is plugged into your PC), and you will see the app loader start. Notice any application you shrunk will not be listed in app loader.

Now let the OS load on your phone and you are officially done image0011


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