Memory Checking for Blackberry

How to manage your memory:A must for all BOLD / JAVELIN users:
1. Delete all unnecessary sms/mms inbox outbox

2. Delete all unnecessary emails especially ones with attachments

3. Delete browser cache – (open browser hit the  button – options – cache opeartions and delete history, cache, etc – close browser)

4. Close all open conversation in your messenger, YM, MSN n others

5. Delete cache of FB-application (open FB hit  button – options – clear cache – then close FB application)

6. Delete all miss calls (open “messages” – hit  button – view folder – missed calls – hit  button – delete prior)

7. Delete phone call logs (open “messages” – hit  button – view folder – phone call log – hit  button – delete prior)

8. Delete event log (at the homescreen hold alt n hit L G L G – then hit  button – clear log)

9. Clear temp memory (go to “options” – security options – memory cleaning – hit  button – clean now – save)

10. Soft-restart your blackberry using the key-combo alt(left)+shift( right)+del; hold for approximately 3-5sec.

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